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Analysis of causes of air leakage in rubber valve control

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The leakage of rubber valves is one of the common problems in the industry. The main causes of leakage have been found. After long-term production, some parts are easy to corrode, and the glue is corrosive. It needs to be replaced after a period of production, such as sealing rings and rubber hoses. Basically, the rubber valve leaks mainly because the seal ring is corroded.
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Causes of air leakage
1. Working Pressure
At present, the rubber valves used in the market are basically coated by air pressure. The air pressure value needs to be guaranteed at the appropriate dispensing position, otherwise, there will be air leakage or rubber leakage of the rubber valves. Low atmospheric pressure can easily slow down the feeding at high speed dispensing. When the glue flow is too slow, the air pressure input value of the controller can be increased to keep the air pressure stable in production.
2. Rubber valve drip leakage
The rubber valve leakage of high-speed dispensing machine is not well controlled by most dispensing procedures. When the valve closes the dispensing function, if the needle is too small, it is easy to produce back pressure, resulting in glue back pressure and glue leakage. The problem of glue backpressure can be solved by replacing a large needle. The premise is to ensure that there will be no leakage of rubber valves. In fact, such a problem can easily lead to uneven coating. Current technology will not make mistakes. For example, transistor packaging with less stringent production accuracy requirements, once the leakage will lead to uneven dispensing and the product can not meet the requirements.
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3. Programming problems
The dispensing machine belongs to the core control device of the high-speed dispensing machine. The whole system is controlled by the operator to avoid the leakage of the rubber valve.
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