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Do you understand the function of backdraft valves?

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The common problem in dispensing is wire drawing. When the needle moves, wire drawing may occur. If the adhesive is attached to the wire drawing, the dispensing effect will be affected. When the dispensing equipment is not coated with glue, vacuum backdraft valve can prevent glue leakage and wire drawing. Therefore, vacuum backdraft valve must be installed near the dispensing equipment to deal with the actual production and vacuum. The function of the backdraft valve is embodied as follows.
Special AB Rubber Controlled Rubber Backdraft Valve
Automatic dispensing machine has three important parts, including vacuum backdraft valve, switching switch and power indicator lamp. These three parts can determine the packaging quality effect by adjusting and coordinating. Vacuum backdraft device is the function of dispensing equipment to adjust glue concentration. When glue viscosity is too low, vacuum backdraft valve can be adjusted from it. The glue with low viscosity is sucked out and then the glue viscosity is adjusted for production.
When glue volume is large, it is easy to leak. The function of vacuum backdraft valve is to suck back glue to avoid glue leakage. Wire drawing is a common problem in dispensing process. Vacuum backdraft valve in automatic dispensing machine is mainly developed to solve this problem. Wire drawing parts are absorbed through vacuum suction function to avoid factors affecting dispensing process.
Reciprocating suction rubber valve
In the packaging process of dispensing machine, the interface pipe of vacuum backdraft valve should be 6mm according to the standard. It is very important to observe the change value of air pressure by looking at the barometer during the packaging process. It is also very important to observe the change value of air pressure and adjust it. Especially in the vacuum suction process, the effect of backdraft valve will make the air pressure more effective. Accurate adjustment.
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