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What should be paid attention to in the use of the syringe n

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The dispensing machine has a very important position in the field of industrial production, through special processing can make the glue dispensing in the best state, the user according to the production work will need to choose a high practical dispensing equipment, including dispensing needle is an important tool for the storage of glue, there are also a hand-held dispensing syringe automatic dispensing syringe, in the actual application of the handle dispensing syringe will be an important process.
Carbon steel needles
The use of dispensing syringe points has several elements, taking into account relevant factors, working pressure and ratio of glue dispensing, dispensing needles used most are translucent, mainly used in general glue dispensing, such as glue and other special glue is not applicable, easy in adhesive dispensing process affected by ultraviolet radiation curing, and translucent dispensing syringe is unable to weaken the effect of UV on the glue, if used directly will affect the effect of dispensing normal, if there is a need to customize a dispensing needle in pure black or amber.
Stainless steel syringe needle
In the dispensing process, we should pay special attention to the problem of the proportion of glue. If the finished product wants to achieve the best adhesion effect, the glue viscosity needs to be higher. The two component glue needs higher proportion. The lower the ratio is, the higher the glue viscosity is. Effect of high viscosity glue dispensing syringe is very obvious, to promote the glue dispensing by pressure driven piston, affected by the viscosity of the glue dispensing syringe to work hard, so it is best to establish a good glue in the commissioning phase ratio, avoid high viscosity glue dispensing needle to work by.
Plastic syringe needle
There is a certain stop between most of the glue dispenser and the pin barrel, so Z axis correction should be done before normal work.
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