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Instructions for Installation of Pressure Barrel Components

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Start installing pressure barrel front line to understand the relevant configuration, the standard pressure barrel configuration is the top four holes: a discharge hole, two ball valves, a safety valve and a pressure regulating valve.
Installation of Glue-coated Pressure Barrel
1. Discharge hole: the middle hole is the filling and discharging joint.
2. Ball valve: Install pressure barrel ball valve in any hole around the ball valve to release air before opening the lid. Do not open the lid unless the pressure has been released.
A complete set of gluing equipment
3. Safety valve: When installing safety valve in any hole, when the pressure exceeds the set value of safety valve, it will automatically vent to ensure safety. If the safety valve fails for a long time after installing the pressure barrel, it should be replaced in time.
4. Installation of pressure regulating valves shall be installed in the remaining holes. The side of the pressure regulating valve is provided with threaded holes and instrumentation is installed to control the pressure regulation. The ball valve is installed on the side shown by the arrow. Then a special copper pipe with two external teeth is installed at the other end of the fast joint using a fast connector (trachea connector). The copper tube is then mounted on the pressure barrel.
Functional description of storage pressure barrel
5. Instructions for use: Put glue into the barrel, close the cover lock nut, open the intake port of the pressure regulating valve, adjust the pressure required (less than 8KG), and then open the discharge switch for discharge to complete the operation of installing the pressure barrel.
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