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Way to check whether stainless steel pressure barrel is suff

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Pressure barrel is mainly used in dispensing process, which can also be called pneumatic barrel, because it mainly consists of pneumatic motor, regulation control, safety valve, exhaust valve, exhaust port, inner barrel and four movable wheels.
Make sure that the loose knot screw has locked the lid of the barrel before normal use. In order to ensure that the safety valve is qualified and the damaged safety valve can not be used, the safety valve should be replaced regularly to ensure safety in use. If the glue is corrosive, 304 stainless steel pressure barrel or 304 inner barrel should be used.
How to check whether the pressure of pressure barrel is enough? Taking stainless steel pressure barrel as an example, this paper describes in detail how to check whether there is enough pressure barrel.
A pressure gauge is installed on the cover of each pressure barrel. The pressure barrel is used to check the pressure level of the pressure barrel immediately.
Carbon steel filling drum
Check steps:
1. Connect the external air source to the pressure gauge.
2. Connect the discharge pipe to the dispenser through the pressure barrel.
3. Normal dispensing operation.
Special type glue-coating barrel
At this time, the pressure on the pressure gauge can be observed to check whether the pressure of the pressure barrel is appropriate or the degree of pressure can be checked by dispensing effect. With the increase of pressure, the amount of rubber discharged increases, while the pressure decreases and the amount of rubber discharged decreases.
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