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Solutions to problems in dispensing earphone production

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In the process of using headphones, there are some phenomena such as headphone sound deviation, playing noisy or inaudible sounds. These phenomena are usually caused by the damage of headphone diaphragm, which may be caused by two factors, one is caused by the needle in the process of dispensing headphones, the other is caused by objects. The damage of earphone diaphragm caused by collision.
Headphone coating spray
First, the diaphragm is damaged.
Customers who know about headphone production know that dispensing technology will be used in headphone production. This is mainly due to the small size of headphones, relatively small components required, relatively low sealing, and relatively high probability of diaphragm damage and falling off after the impact of headphones without dispensing technology, which directly leads to the headphone can not continue to use. In order to improve the fixity and practicability of earphone diaphragm, dispensing technology will be used in the production of earphone. But in the dispensing process of earphone, the damage of diaphragm will be caused by the reason of dispensing needle, which will affect the use effect.
Built-in dustproof cotton glue
Second, headphone distribution
Effect of dispensing needle on dispensing process of earphone
Proper use of precise dispensing needle can improve the quality and production efficiency of earphone dispensing. If the dispensing needle is not properly used, the diaphragm will be damaged and the quality of earphone dispensing will also be affected. If the quality of the selected dispensing needle is poor or does not meet the requirements of needle specifications of the precise dispensing machine in the dispensing process of earphone, the earphone will be used. In dispensing work, there are many problems such as dispensing deviation, leakage and uneven dispensing, which increase dispensing rate and lead to a large number of headphone diaphragm damage.
Micrometer glue dispensing valve
Severe collisions occurred during use.
In addition to the damage caused by dispensing glue in the production of headphones, if the user collides with the headphones severely in the process of using the headphones, the diaphragm of the headphones will be damaged to a certain extent, leading to the failure to continue to use. For these two problems, on the one hand, the amount of glue used in headphone production will prevent headphone collision; on the other hand, when choosing headphones, the effect of headphones can also be tested to check whether the diaphragm of headphones is damaged. On the other hand, factories should start from the source and be very careful when selecting dispensing needles in order to prevent adverse effects of earphone dispensing.
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