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Direct factors affecting dispensing effect

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As the name implies, this "dot" actually means a small amount of dispensing, which naturally requires higher control and accuracy of dispensing quantity. Of course, in addition to the dispensing machine itself control factors, what aspects will affect the dispensing effect?
Buzzer coated with glue
The overall dispensing effect of dispensing machine mainly includes many factors, such as dispensing needle, amount of glue needed for dispensing, distance between needle and dispensing product, pressure value set by dispensing machine, viscosity of glue used for dispensing and curing time of glue, etc. These factors will affect the dispensing effect. The overall effect of dispensing process. How to operate dispensing machine to adjust the values of various aspects to make it have better dispensing effect, first of all, we need to understand the following aspects:
The difference between dispensing liquids is what to do when dispensing glue is different.
Quick-drying soft glue
Quick-drying glue: For this kind of glue cured in a short time, safety piston and metal dispensing needle should be used to prevent the glue from clogging the needle, while for viscous quick-drying glue, tapered oblique needle should be used.
Ultraviolet glue: Use amber needle barrel which can shield ultraviolet rays, or use professional anti-ultraviolet needle device to store glue to achieve good dispensing effect.
UV Ultraviolet Adhesive
Photocurable adhesive: Black opaque syringes need to avoid exposure to light.
Anaerobic glue: Anaerobic glue should use 10cc injection syringe and white PE universal piston to prevent glue from contacting with air before dispensing and causing glue blockage affecting dispensing effect.
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