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Introduction of parameter controller for automatic dispensin

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With adjustable multi-type parameters
Parametric controller is designed to facilitate the operation and control of automatic dispensing equipment. It belongs to an auxiliary dispensing machine accessories. Workers can manually adjust dispensing parameters to facilitate the completion of multi-axis quantitative dispensing. The operation of the controller is relatively simple. In the process of operation, operators need to replace products and adjust operation to ensure parameter control. The normal operation of the device improves the packaging of white light emitting diodes with high precision.
Dual-hole dispensing controller
Because LED automatic dispensing machine is compatible with many industries and lighting industry has different requirements for dispensing high-precision white light emitting diodes, before using dispensing machine, the dispensing volume and flow rate of parameter controller should be adjusted according to dispensing requirements to achieve the same precision characteristics as the quantitative dispensing machine, which is helpful for the controller to control multi-axis points. The operation process of glue.
Full-time dispensing control system
Nowadays, the dispensing technology is relatively mature, so the equipment on the market has a higher cost performance ratio. In addition, the automatic dispensing machine has a longer service life and higher production efficiency. Therefore, the dispensing cost can be recovered in about one year, making it more effective in dispensing and packaging of T8 lamp tube materials. Thus, parameter control can be seen. The dispenser plays an important role in various dispensing equipment. The automatic dispensing machine is mainly used to point the glue, paint and other liquids in the process of product to the position of each product accurately, and to realize point, line, circle or arc. Multipath control is directly related to the parameter controller.
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