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Do the needles are sold in a hardware store

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There are more and more industries will purchase as the preferred equipment for dispensing glue dispensing production at present, now the dispensing machine completely replaced the manual dispensing mode, which is a new type of dispensing equipment produced in order to adapt to the development of the electronic industry, can be widely applied in many industries.
Hand glue needle
Although the domestic rubber industry development bear a certain scale, but because of the domestic rubber industry produces compared to Europe and the United States, some dispensing equipment in Japan and other developed countries, there are still some gaps, this is because the domestic rubber industry caused by the late development. The relevant departments stronghold of rubber industry statistics, the domestic use of dispensing equipment industry accounted for about to the use of dispensing equipment enterprises ten percent. This is a lamentable fact ah, as a major industrial power, so advanced equipment could not be used to play the role of industry production, this is what a pity.
Plastic needles
No matter what equipment is used, it will wear out for a long time. Some accessories are worn badly and need to be changed frequently. According to the above, our current dispensing industry is not particularly optimistic.
Stainless steel dot glue needle
Most people don't even know the dispensing equipment accessories bad, do not know how to solve, dispensing needles as dispensing equipment is one of the common parts, is used more and more. So the common parts and even a lot of people do not know. For example: how much is the price of the needle point glue dispensing needle, etc. These are where to sell most manufacturers often question. As a common dispensing needle dispensing equipment accessories, usually on the market of the hardware store are sold, but the quality of it, and I also recommend friends or find some professional production dispensing accessories manufacturers to buy the best.
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