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Introduce the conventional dispensing syringe

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The dispensing needle barrel and piston are indispensable parts in the packaging process of fluid control equipment such as automatic dispensing machine and glue filling machine. They are also easily overlooked components and application parts. In order to achieve the desired packaging effect in manual packaging or full automatic production line, it is necessary to cooperate with the complete distribution system, in which the needle barrel and piston are the most important parts. Necessary factors in dispensing system are introduced below.
Conventional Japanese dispensing syringe
Generally speaking, all needle barrels used in automatic dispensing machines and glue filling machines need to be compatible with machine equipment and packaging requirements. Common sizes include 3, 5, 10, 30 and 55CC. Their main functions are not limited to storing glue and conveying glue, but also suitable for ultraviolet light sensitive liquid and polypropylene transparent liquid. This is the introduction of dispensing needle barrel. A needle tube of the amber type.
Two-component glue-coated syringe
Next will introduce the points for attention in the application of dispensing syringe. After filling the syringe with rubber, the process of inserting piston into the syringe is usually followed. Therefore, in order to prevent the dropping of glue, small calibration is usually needed to control the glue. Air mixed in the liquid will not only waste the glue, but also increase the packaging cost. It will greatly affect the packaging accuracy, so it is necessary to select the appropriate glue and use it as a piston to isolate the external air and glue to the greatest extent to achieve good application results.
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