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Tablet Computer Shell Packaging Should Achieve Good Applicat

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Tablet computer has become a common modern equipment in people's daily life. The application of tablet computer can be used for entertainment, work, life, etc. In the production process, it is necessary to strengthen the stability of tablet computer shell packaging. The use of fully automatic equipment can improve the quality and efficiency of tablet computer shell packaging. Ab dispensing machine is a two-liquid dispensing machine, which needs special dispensing syringe for use. Named after the nature of glue, it can adapt to the mixing and mixing of two-component glue. Compared with ordinary single-component equipment, Ab dispensing machine has more components to be used together, such as controllers and dispensing valves to control the dispensing amount, so as to better use it. Complete the work of tablet encapsulation.
Tablet Computer Coating Adhesive
The packaging application of automatic dispensing equipment has high precision and stability, which can be applied to different products, and can complete the production of various products, such as precision control, filling and bonding in the packaging of tablet computer shell, etc. It has high quality to go. It can be used with automatic dispensing equipment and rubber valves and syringes, fully automatic. The operation control mode minimizes the operation requirements, reduces the workload of operators, and reduces the incidence of wire drawing, glue leakage and other bad problems that may occur in tablet encapsulation.
Dual-station coating dispensing platform
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