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Do you know how to strengthen the glue control skills?

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Dual-component dispensing valves on the market have good control over dispensing effect. They support various equipment configurations for flow control, such as AB visual dispensing machine, AB automatic dispensing machine, dual-component dispensing machine, etc. In order to improve the control rate of glue, a micrometer is installed at the top to control the flow rate of mixed hardening glue with high precision. Users need it. The micrometer has a high precision and has a good effect on improving the dispensing packaging of precise low-viscosity glue. Users can strengthen the control of the dispensing amount by micrometer at the top of dispensing valve, so as to effectively avoid the waste of rubber caused by improper control in the process of dispensing. It can be used to improve the performance of double liquid visual dispensing machine.
Double liquid AB glue dispensing valve
In order to fully improve the working value of the two-fluid dispensing valve, the adjustment before normal operation is very important. The following are common references for users to better adjust the parameters characteristics of the dispensing valve. The solution of common problems in dispensing requires certain dispensing control skills.
1. Dual liquid dispensing valve drip leakage, because the nature of glue and air contact will quickly solidify, the original dispensing machine increased creep control to accurately control dispensing.
2. Non-uniform glue output
AB glue control valve
3. The low pressure of dispensing valve will slow down the speed of glue flow.
4. Bubbles in hardened glue
Bi-liquid AB component viscose
/uploads/allimg/190923/4-1Z9231105492D.jpg Operators'long-term practice has a certain effect on the improvement of glue production control skills.
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