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The importance of cleaning dispensing syringe needs further

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First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons for cleaning the dispensing syringe. Cleaning the back cover of the dispensing syringe after coating and before curing is a simple cleaning method. Some dilute solutions can be used for cleaning. Some characteristics of the glue will be destroyed and then the cleaning effect will be achieved, and then the internal solution will be poured out. This is a convenient way to clean dispensing syringe. The dispensing equipment is widely used in dispensing, coating, spraying, pouring and spraying. According to the characteristics of glue, it can be divided into silica dispensing equipment, ultraviolet dispensing equipment and patch dispensing equipment. This article will briefly introduce the role of cleaning dispensing syringe.
Portable stainless steel dispensing syringe
Comparing the application of glue between dispensing machine and accessories, the effect of clean dispensing syringe on glue application is relatively small. There is basically no way for dispensing syringe to be used for glue coating after solidification, especially in the industry of dispensing machine. If the dispensing syringe is not cleaned, it is almost impossible to finish the task of glue production. When the glue solidifies, it must be used. The chemical molecules of glue must be decomposed by chemical substances so as to realize the second cleaning method, i.e. curing cleaning. The dispensing equipment can be divided into single-fluid dispensing equipment, double-fluid dispensing equipment, multi-component dispensing equipment, etc. According to the number of control axes, it can be divided into two-axis dispensing equipment, three-axis dispensing equipment, four-axis dispensing equipment, etc. Ab dispensing machine is a special dispensing machine, which is obviously different from the ordinary single-liquid dispensing machine. First, AB dispensing machine has two rubber drums, one for glue, the other for catalyst. When the glue meets the catalyst, the glue begins to solidify, so after a period of application, the operator can use it according to Clean the dispensing syringe by cleaning it.
Multi-specification dispensing syringe
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