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A series of requirements for dispensing application

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Dispensing is to coat, package and drip electronic glue, oil or other liquid onto the product to make the product adhere, encapsulate, insulate, fix and have a smooth surface. At this time, as long as the pressure, time and suitable needle nozzle are adjusted, the amount of each injection can be easily changed. This paper describes the application requirements of dispensing.
PVC Coating Adhesive
In order to do a good job in dispensing process, first of all, the requirements for workers in dispensing process should be made clear as follows.
1. Assist and maintain component positioning and assembly to meet dispensing application requirements
2. Convenient dispensing or coating process
3. Easy curing (rapid curing at low temperature)
Double Cylinder Rubber Control Valve
4. Welding and other process environments suitable for subsequent processes (high temperature and high temperature duration)
5. Non-corrosive to products and non-toxic to environment
6. Suitable for repair work, the dispensing process is divided into several parts: dispensing platform, dispensing control, dispensing head and glue in order to better distinguish dispensing application requirements.
Coating Adhesive for Medium-sized PVC Pipe
The dispensing platform is a multi-purpose platform, which is widely used. It classifies the dispensing process by moving axes. It determines the accuracy of repetitive displacement and the location accuracy of movement according to the specific configuration to help complete dispensing accuracy. Diversified design is the precondition to meet the application requirements of dispensing.
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