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The use of pressure barrels in the operation of the glue dis

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Dispensing equipment dispensing machine is currently used in industrial production, with full access to the automation of manufacturing production mode, dispensing equipment is more and more widely used in industrial production, with the expansion of applications, which are applied to the industry is also increasing because of various industries; production of different products, raw materials use is also different, so the dispenser is a lot of problems in the process of using.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
Although the domestic dispensing application has a certain scale, but because the dispenser appeared later, in addition to a small number of technicians and manufacturers have a certain understanding, the majority of people for this new type of dispensing equipment is not very understanding, and even some need to use the dispensing machine production enterprises are currently still don't know this is a more advanced equipment. Don't use, so many appear after the purchase problems can not be resolved, such as the use of pressure barrels daily operation problems are those?
Manual pressure bucket
Installation: This is each manufacturer will encounter problems if the equipment is installed before use problems, will cause serious problems for future production efficiency; influence of dispensing, dispensing quality, long time or cause equipment failure. Therefore in the installation if you are not sure what advice or call professional installation.
Plastic pressure bucket
In the process of using: Although there will be a lot of problems in the pressure barrel operation, but often problems or pressure barrel leak and pressure barrel bubble for two reasons. The solution is to avoid a lot of leakage of the way, but it is best to replace the new; solve the causes of the bubble, in each glue when the replacement of the discharge pressure of air in the barrel.
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