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Automation equipment becomes "technical support" for dispens

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The application of automatic dispensing machine in dispensing connection of printed circuit boards refers to the use of special glue to connect various functional chips on the board, which requires many dispensing accessories and dispensing equipment to be used together. The precise control of automatic dispensing machine not only has the function of connecting and fixing printed circuit boards, but also can improve the bandwidth of data transmission between chips.
Flexible Circuit Board Coating Adhesive
Due to the continuous progress of electronic modernization, the quality and transmission speed of chips in China are also steadily and rapidly improving. If chips are firmly connected by dispensing technology and dispensing of printed circuit boards, they will make due contributions to the progress of human modernization. The next question is how on earth can printed circuit boards be bonded to the chip connection points? In fact, this is related to dispensing equipment and dispensing valves, etc.
IC chip coating package
We know that the chip is the "heart" of every instrument, and its technology comes from the crystallization of science and technology, so it can't make mistakes in dispensing connection. The traditional manual dispensing method obviously can't meet the requirements of dispensing on printed circuit boards. Here we suggest that all automatic dispensing machines should be used for coating connection, because all automatic dispensing machines with glue valves can achieve precise control of dispensing path. For the purpose of speed and dispensing quantity, the problem of spill and non-uniform dispensing should be avoided.
Control glue dispensing valve
The combination of automatic dispensing machine and precise dispensing valve can not only achieve precise dispensing effect, but also realize coating dispensing by controlling dispensing path. If different colors of glue match for the pattern of coating, it will also have a good effect and become an effective choice for dispensing of printed circuit boards.
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