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Windshield gluing needs intelligent gluing machine and gluin

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Each car has its own unique front windshield and rear windshield. From the original flat windshield to today's integral curved windshield, the quality of windshield will directly affect its effect of reflecting sunlight and transmitting light. This kind of curved windshield is a highly technical product both in processing and production, because it considers and combines many factors. For example, vehicle type, strength, heat insulation, production, gluing and so on, among which the windshield gluing needs the joint application of intelligent gluing machine and gluing dispensing valve.
Coating glue for rear windshield of automobile
It is worth mentioning that not every car windshield needs glue. Because of the different glass materials, only the windshield with special requirements needs to be glued. Therefore, the emergence of intelligent gluer and glued dispensing valve becomes inevitable.
Coating Control Backdraft Valve
Specific windshield gluing solutions are described as follows:
1. The main types of adhesives used in automobile windshield coating are ultraviolet, silica, electromagnetic interference conductive adhesives, AB adhesives, dry adhesives, epoxy adhesives, sealants, hot melt adhesives, greases and other adhesives with good transparency or adhesion.
Second, the glue coating machine is a special equipment for automobile windshield application, which can finish the glue coating and moving of glass without manual operation.
Micrometer Control Rubber Valve
3. The setting system mode of automatic gluing machine can be controlled in a variety of ways. With the gluing dispensing valve, the technical indexes of precise gluing control, no spillover, no waste, no wire drawing and other windshield gluing can be achieved.
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