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High precision can be achieved by automatic dispensing machi

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LCD is what we usually call LCD. The most important advantages of this kind of screen are low power consumption, small size and low radiation. As the name implies, LCD uses two polarized materials, in which the crystals are rearranged when the current passes through the liquid, so that light cannot pass through them. The selection of dispensing valves and glue needs to be tested to varying degrees before being put into the use of glue coating on LCD.
Coating Adhesive for Computer LCD Display Screen
LCD is widely used in the fields of LCD TV, LCD computer, mobile phone, etc. Its structure is to place LCD between two pieces of parallel glass, and there are many vertical and horizontal thin lines between the two pieces of glass. Through electrification or not, the direction of crystal molecules can be controlled and the refraction light can produce images. Therefore, the coating of LCD needs to ensure the high quality rate and the precision of coating. In the process of LCD production, it is necessary to fix the screen by glue or glue, and stick the wire head to protect the screen.
Automatic gluing thimble dispensing valve
LCD screen glue coating will choose to use ultraviolet glue, silica gel, electromagnetic interference conductive glue, AB glue, instantaneous dry glue and so on. At present, most of the dispensing methods of LCD in the market are using high-speed automatic dispensing machine. If there are special requirements for manual dispensing, other types of selection can be made. However, due to the low precision and low utilization of manual dispensing, this method has also been replaced by mechanized dispensing machine, which has become a commonly used method of LCD screen gluing.
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