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What should we pay attention to when filling the LED screen?

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In the forthcoming industrial 4.0 era, the rapid development of science and technology has led to the development of a series of automation equipment. Automatic glue-filling machine plays an important role in the field of industrial automation. Due to the continuous expansion of the applicable industry, there are various types of automatic glue-filling machine according to different fields. The glue-filling of LED screen needs the matching application of automation equipment, so we are using it. What should it pay attention to?
Glue Filling for LED Capacitance Screen
Mainly about automatic glue filling machine to complete the operation and configuration of LED screen glue filling, including the selection of dispensing valves and needles, etc.
Automatic filling and dispensing machine
1. Because the chemical material will precipitate partially, the glue must be mixed evenly before use to ensure that the quality rate of the glue for LED screen is up to the standard.
2. In order to solidify the glue completely, the glue must be fully mixed in the dispensing valve, and the mixing time should be controlled in 3 to 5 minutes before it is put into the application of LED screen glue filling.
3. Special sealant is used to surround the LED panel to prevent glue leakage.
331 Control of Rubber Spotting
4. The glue surface is evenly glued to the LED screen after drying, and automatically leveled after about 3 minutes to prevent glue from flowing out of the unit board.
5. Wait 2-3 hours to cover the kit and finish filling.
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