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Effective completion of the application of silica gel coated

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In the production process of light-emitting diode bulbs, gluing is a very important process. It is necessary to use a single component of silica gel to coat a layer of silica gel along the lamp body to cover the shell completely, which is the mode of whole set of bulbs coated with silica gel. Because of the particularity of silica gel, special silica gel dispensing valves are needed to be used together, so that a very stable adhesive reinforcement can be formed after the glue solidification. As a result, although manual operation can be used in the process of coating, only skilled operation can achieve better coating effect, and the efficiency is difficult to meet mass production. Therefore, besides the application of silica gel dispensing valve in the production of silica gel for bulbs, circular dispensing machine should also be used.
Filling and coating silica gel for bulb lamp
Characteristics of circular dispenser
1. Easy to operate, even beginners can quickly start using.
2. The production capacity is about 1000 per hour, which is several times faster than the manual completion of silica gel coating on bulbs.
Circular filling dispenser
3. With silica gel dispensing valve, the dispensing accuracy is high, the product coating is uniform, and the defective rate is simple.
4. It plays a strong role in glue control, avoids leakage, dripping and wire drawing, saves glue, and is very prominent in improving product quality.
Large Flow Control Coated Spotting Valve
The continuous progress of industrial technology makes the domestic production efficiency higher and higher, which solves the problems of most manufacturers, but also makes the industrial production more advanced. Therefore, circular dispensing machine and silica gel dispensing valve can be used for large-scale gluing in the process of lamp coating.
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