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Several Notable Matters of Surface Mounting Adhesive

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1. Storage of adhesive
Recycled adhesive should be preserved at low temperature and registered well, and attention should be paid to the production date and service life, which is the focus of surface adhesive matters.
Application of Surface Coating Spotting
2. Use of adhesive
When using, attention should be paid to the type and viscosity of adhesives. According to the requirements of current products, adhesives can only be recycled at room temperature for about 1 hour (about 4 hours for large package) before starting to use. The first product should be tracked when putting them into use, and the performance of newly replaced adhesives in various aspects should be observed. Cleaning the dispensing syringe to be repackaged can fill it in about 2/3. Bubble removal should be carried out. Bubble is the reason of affecting the rate of good product in the matters of surface mounting adhesives.
Control coating micrometer dispensing valve
Do not mix glue from different manufacturers with glue from different manufacturers. All tools in contact with glue should be thoroughly cleaned when replacing varieties. When using, attention should be paid to whether surface mounting adhesives are complied with, including checking the diameter of glue dots. Usually 1-2 test glue dots can be located at the process edge of printed circuit boards, and special components can be inserted to observe curing when necessary. The change of the diameter of the filling point before and after the filling point can better understand the quality of the filling glue used.
Printed Circuit Board Coating Adhesive
Printed circuit boards with good adhesion should be pasted and cured immediately. In special cases, the dispensing should be suspended to prevent the moisture and dust in the air from being absorbed by the dispensing points, which is also a noteworthy point in the matters of surface mounting adhesives.
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