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The realization of three-dimensional dispensing needs certai

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A complete automatic dispensing machine system should be composed of dispensing robot, hand-held program controller and dispensing controller. The dispensing robot is composed of "machine + motor + motion control card"
Dual-hole dispensing controller
The automatic dispensing machine realizes three-dimensional movement, which is mainly controlled by the control card and coordinated by the three-axis manipulator. The three-dimensional dispensing conditions are composed of these configurations.
Dual-station glue dispenser
With the development of industry, the demand for adhesives and chemically synthesized resins is increasing. The construction industry, automobile industry and aviation industry, which are dominated by semiconductors, video recorders and electronic components, have put forward new requirements for hydraulic control technology. At the same time, with the requirements of miniaturization, lightweight, rationality of production and low cost of products, the performance and accuracy requirements of dispensing equipment, dispensing accessories or dispensing valves are constantly improving, all of which are to meet the needs of three-dimensional dispensing condition locks of products.
31 type compound ejector dispensing valve
The mechanical part is a three-dimensional dispensing mobile mechanism platform. The dispensing valve can be positioned to any (x, y, z) coordinates in space by mechanical movement. The motion control card is actually equivalent to an intelligent computer. The three-dimensional dispensing condition depends on the setting of the control card. It sends pulses to the motor driver to drive the motor to move mechanically. It can control the machine out of various tracks and control flexibly. In order to adapt to the rapid development of equipment toward automation, people have developed a new type of industrial robot products for enterprise application based on the research results of motion control system for many years. According to the actual production needs, various parameter configurations that meet the three-dimensional dispensing conditions can be formulated. Under the premise of foot movement performance index, the product structure is optimized to meet the flexible and fast requirements in the process of three-dimensional dispensing, so as to improve the reliability of the product and effectively reduce the cost of the product in practice.
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