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What is pressure barrel? It teaches you to distinguish betwe

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The glue output of desktop glue coating machine is directly related to the pressure strength, the time of glue discharge, the running speed of equipment and the size of needle nozzle. Under the same conditions, the greater the pressure intensity, the greater the glue output; under the same conditions, the longer the discharge time, the more the glue quantity; under the same conditions, the slower the equipment operates, the less glue is discharged; under the same conditions, the larger the inner diameter of the needle tip, the more glue is discharged. Therefore, in order to adjust the glue output of desktop glue coating machine, it is necessary to adjust from the above aspects.
R-Shaft Bench Glue-dispensing Machine
1. How to adjust the tapping time of the desktop glue machine? According to past experience, the diameter of the dispensing needle should be half of the distance between the dots of the product to ensure that there is enough glue to bond the parts, while avoiding excessive glue volume. It is determined by the length of time set by dispensing controller. In practice, the mixing setting time should be selected according to the production conditions (room temperature, glue viscosity, etc.). )
Large control glue dispensing valve
2. How to adjust the pressure in the desktop glue machine? The dispensing equipment provides a certain pressure to the needle tube or rubber gun to ensure the consistency of the pressure barrel for glue supply, which determines the amount of glue supply and the speed of glue discharge. Excessive pressure can easily cause glue overflow and excessive glue; if the pressure is too low, there will be intermittent glue or leakage, resulting in product defects. Pressure should be selected according to the properties of glue and working environment temperature. High ambient temperature will reduce the viscosity of glue and improve its fluidity, so the pressure value should be reduced, and vice versa.
Needle Coating Adhesive
3. How to adjust the needle tip size of desktop glue coating machine? In practice, the inner diameter of the needle should be about 1/2 of the diameter of the adhesive point. In the process of gluing, different needles should be selected according to the size of the product. It can not only ensure the quality of the glue, but also improve the production efficiency.
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