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Pressure Bucket Boosting Method for Water Purifier

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Today, I introduce how to pressurize the pressure barrel of household water purifier in daily life, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
Pressure barrel for water storage
1. If there is water in the barrel, the tap will not come out. The outlet pipe of the pressure barrel should be connected with the three-way to connect the pressure gauge. If the pressure gauge value is low, the air will be pumped into the pressure barrel.
2. There is an inflatable valve under the pressure barrel. If you unscrew the nut on the valve, you will find that the valves on the pressure barrel have the same effect as the ordinary valves. It can directly adjust the pressure to prevent the insufficient output of the water purifier when the pressure is too low.
Pressure barrel for glue storage of dispensing machine
3. Use ordinary pressure pump to pressurize the pressure barrel of water purifier. When inflating, turn on the tap of the water purifier until the water in the tap is normal.
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