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Special glue valve must be used for spraying phosphor

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With the continuous refinement of market demand for spray valves, the types and functions of spray equipment are also increasing. In addition to the degree of automation required by the machine, the machine can be divided into manual dispensing machine, semi-automatic dispensing machine and full-automatic dispensing machine. According to the structure, it can also be divided into tabletop glue applicator, double axis glue dropping machine, three axis glue applicator, double Y axis glue applicator, etc. according to the different application industries of packaging equipment, the packaging equipment can be divided into light-emitting diode glue applicator, fluorescent powder glue applicator, ink glue applicator, etc.
Coating luminous phosphor
The so-called fluorescent powder injection valve is a kind of valve that can be sprayed with powder material. When the phosphor is exposed to natural light, it can store light energy and stop the radiation and release the light energy by fluorescence. Because of its special function, it is usually used in some special environment, especially in the light-emitting diode lamps. The fluorescent powder injection valve is a modern equipment which uses the automatic dispensing technology to spot paint the fluorescent powder.
Phosphor spray valve
Because phosphor is a solid substance, when the phosphor is packaged, a certain proportion of glue and phosphor are usually mixed to make it gel. Then, the colloid is coated on the LED chip through the fluorescent powder spraying valve until the fluorescent powder is filled with the spraying valve.
Of course, there are many factors that need attention and supervision in the packaging process. In addition to debugging the fluorescent powder injection valve itself, many external factors should be avoided, such as: the mixing ratio of glue and fluorescent powder, the fluidity of glue, the excitation wavelength of fluorescent powder and the peak wavelength of LED core, the spot coating thickness and area of fluorescent glue, and the dispensing speed of white LED. Degree, color temperature, color rendering index and lumen efficiency.
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