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Characteristic analysis of stainless steel pressure barrel

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Hello everyone, I am a small editor of a Chinese dispensing machine manufacturer. Today, I would like to talk about the characteristics of pressure barrel in dispensing industry. Let's get to know.
Coating and filling pressure barrel
1. Low investment cost of using stainless steel pressure equipment and dispensing machine
2. The high pressure in the pressure barrel is due to the strong air pressure value, and the air compressor is the principle of air pressure.
3, the use of pressure barrels can save the investment cost of equipment, although the spray range is decided by spray valve, but the storage of glue quantity is determined by pressure pail, which can store a large quantity of glue at a time, and do not need to return to better glue value.
4. It can save the overall installation cost without the need of high cost slide device.
Standard 1L or 2L pressure barrel
5. It can save the replacement time of polishing wheel, and the stainless steel pressure barrel can be polished quickly with low cost.
6. The service life of polishing wheel is long, which reduces the times of replacing polishing wheel.
7. It can also save time for changing better glue every time.
Glue coating pressure barrel
8. Abrasive can be effectively sprayed on the grinding wheel to reduce the generation of dust
9. The hardware investment and maintenance cost of the pressure supply system is low.
10. The high pressure is generated in the main body of the spray gun, without the cooperation of high cost pressure supply system.
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