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How many types of pressure buckets are used for dispensing?

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The common pressure bucket is composed of regulating valve, safety valve, ball valve and exhaust port, plus an inner bucket and four casters. The type of pressure bucket includes pneumatic mixing pressure bucket and pneumatic motor which can mix by themselves to keep the paint in the bucket uniform. In the spraying operation, too long time is easy to cause paint precipitation, resulting in color difference. This product is not only limited to coating, but also can use other spraying materials. The pressure barrel has a base, and the upper part of the base has a white stainless steel tank.
Standard 1L pressure barrel
First, working principle
Glue pressure barrel is also known as material storage barrel. Put glue or liquid into the pressure barrel, connect the air pressure (connect the pressure regulating valve to facilitate the control of the input glue water barrel, use the air pressure to extrude the glue in the inner barrel to the glue valve, and carry out glue dispensing.
Second, classification
According to the material, it can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. After powder spraying, it is not recommended to pour the liquid directly into carbon steel. Glue can be put into the packaging barrel or the method of using stainless steel inner barrel to store the material can be used. Stainless steel material is not easy to be dyed. In addition, it is easy to clean, and the liquid can be directly poured into stainless steel inner barrel.
Various pressure barrel accessories
Stainless steel pressure barrel materials can be divided into 201, 304 and 316 materials.
201, 304 and 316 are mainly selected according to the composition of the material liquid to be stored, for example, 316 materials must be selected for strong acid and strong alkali; tiannashui liquid needs 304 materials, which are widely used in the coating industry, such as epoxy resin and silica gel can be made of 201 materials.
The stainless steel barrel is divided into ordinary pressure barrel, piston pressure barrel, cylinder piston pressure barrel, stainless steel heating barrel, carbon steel heating barrel, top rubber discharging pressure barrel, bottom rubber discharging pressure barrel, rubber filling pressure barrel, etc.
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