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The type and effect of exposure stainless steel pressure bar

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First, 201 stainless steel is non food grade stainless steel. This is a nickel saving stainless steel product developed to relieve the pressure of nickel during World War II. It contains 3.5-5.5% nickel, 5.5-7.5% manganese and 0.05-0.25% nitrogen. It forms austenitic stainless steel by replacing part of nickel with nitrogen and manganese. As far as the actual standard is concerned, no domestic manufacturer actually manufactures 201 in strict accordance with the standard. But some manufacturers don't think the merchants understand it and will not do it according to the standard. I wonder if you have noticed that all domestic manufacturers of similar 201 materials do not adopt national or international standards, do not adopt enterprise standards and have different naming methods. For example, L1 produced by Lianzhong replaced 201, and bn1 produced by Baoxin replaced 201.
Stainless steel coated rubber pressure barrel
2. As far as I know, many metal containers in China are made of 201 kinds of materials. Because of the high content of manganese in 201 material, the element ions harmful to health will be separated out in the process of food preservation and heating. Generally speaking, products exported to the United States and Europe must have food hygiene certification. At present, the authoritative certification is RoHS. Lfgb reported that 201 stainless steel material failed the test.
3. Because the mechanical properties of 201 material are similar to 304, many stainless steel manufacturers use 201 stainless steel material to produce products, including many edible tableware. Many companies sell 201 products as 304. In addition, there are some misunderstandings about stainless steel in China. It is believed that as long as the magnetic stainless steel is not stainless steel, and 201 and 304 can be non-magnetic after processing, this encourages the use of a large number of 201 stainless steel edible containers in China.
Function introduction of stainless steel pressure barrel
4. Austenitic stainless steel is not necessarily used for stainless steel metal containers. At present, I have contacted many stainless steel products factories, especially stainless steel tableware. Many exports are made of ferritic stainless steel, such as 430443. These materials can pass the food certification completely, and the quality is better than that produced in 201.
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