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What is the principle of spray valve in operation?

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The glue dispensing module will be selected as the main glue controller. The usual dispensing valves include spray valve, screw valve, diaphragm valve, spray valve and metering valve. When the LED lamp manufacturer purchases the automatic dispenser, it usually determines the type of dispensing valve, and selects the core of the corresponding dispensing process technology based on the basic principle to understand the performance of a product. It plays an important role in production.
Atomizing spray valve
Spray valve design is mainly used for high precision spray application of low concentration glue, especially when the viscosity is less than 1500cps, and the spray valve is controlled by dispensing controller device, so that the actual operation staff can easily adjust the flow formula of fluid mechanics. If we want to adopt suitable spray valve, we should also take full account of the glue spray angle of the distributor. Module, the module ensures that the hydrodynamics is atomized before spraying the glue, and after spraying the glue, it can quickly repair the original situation, so as to avoid the blocking of hydrodynamics in the valve.
Glue atomizing nozzle
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