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How to select the suitable two-component dispensing valve

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The dispensing valve, that is to say, the fluid control valve body, usually plays a role in opening and closing the rubber tube switch valve in the fluid control. Different dispensing valves are often used in different fluid control with different advantages. No matter what kind of dispensing valve, its normal structure is to rely on pneumatic or electric type to achieve the control effect. So how to choose dispensing valve
Two component and two liquid suction valve
The dispensing volume of the dispensing valve is usually adjusted according to its own adjustment to change the total flow, but also a large number of places are adjusted according to the time of the control board or the standard air pressure inserted in the work. But to ensure the stable performance of the dispensing valve.
The acrylic resin two-component glue dispensing valve often blocks the mixing pipe and consumes raw materials. For this kind of situation, the 10:1 acrylic resin two-component glue cooling dispensing valve newly developed by the solid China manufacturer has been put on the market after passing the test.
Large AB dispensing valve
This model and specification of gnt-190 two-component cooling dispensing valve has effectively treated 10:1 acrylic resin two-component glue, which is easy to block the mixing pipe and consume raw materials in the whole application process. The application stability of 10:1 acrylic resin two-component is strongly guaranteed.
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