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What are the components of glue pressure barrel with mixing

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What's the reason why the glue storage pressure tank and paint pressure tank used in dispensing machine and dispensing valve are all made of high pressure resistant thick steel plate with integrated technology, among which stainless steel plate liner is also used. This production method has good airtightness? It is also equipped with an automatic pressure relief valve, which can improve the safety factor. It also has anti rust treatment on the surface. It can be used with pneumatic and electric dispensing valves. The conventional types are: 10L, 20L, 40L, 60L (automatic and manual).
Carbon steel type mixing glue pressure barrel
The mixing pressure tank is composed of a motor, a gas controller, a safety valve, a air release valve, a feed port, an inner cylinder and four movable wheels. In addition, the automatic mixing pressure tank uses the pneumatic motor to mix the glue autonomously, so that the glue in the tank is kept in a uniform shape. It is not easy to cause color deviation due to setting of glue storage when applied in painting. This product is not limited to glue storage, but also can be applied to other painting materials.
Stainless steel general purpose pressure barrel
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