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Pressure tank is divided into carbon steel and stainless ste

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It is not suggested to pour the liquid into the carbon steel material immediately after powder spraying. The way of putting the strong glue coating barrel into or using the barrel in the stainless steel plate can be adopted. The stainless steel plate can immediately pour the feed liquid into the barrel, and the stainless steel pressure barrel material can be divided into 316 material, 201 material and 304 material.
Carbon steel rubber storage pressure tank
The material selection of 316 material, 201 material and 304 material pressure tank is based on the ingredients of the stock liquid that must be stored, such as 316 material must be used as strong oxidant; 304 material must be used as tiannashui stock liquid, while 201 material can be used as epoxy resin glue and silicone rubber which are widely used in the gluing manufacturing industry.
Stirring stainless steel pressure tank
The stainless steel water tank is divided into: general pressure tank, piston rod pressure tank, air type piston pressure tank, stainless steel plate heating tank, carbon steel heating tank, stainless steel head pressure tank, bottom rubber outlet pressure tank, special pressure tank for gluing, etc.
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