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Problems often occur in the use of manual dispensing gun

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The manual dispensing gun is convenient for people to seal the glue, but it will be damaged too early due to not paying special attention during the whole process of use. Therefore, the following must be paid special attention to:
1. The standard air pressure connected shall not exceed 146psi.
2. Before disassembling the manual dispensing gun, separate the standard hose.
Manual dispensing gun
3. To carry out practical operation, after each engineering construction, use the organic solvent proposed by sealant manufacturer to wipe out the remaining sealant in the rifle of gun barrel. (it is not allowed to immerse the manual dispensing gun in organic solvent)
4. During the construction of the project, the development cover plug at the front end of the rifling of the gun barrel should always be closed tightly.
5. After the project is completed, please handle the manual dispensing gun carefully, and be careful not to damage the front cover and the rear development muffler.
6. Don't point the snatch at people.
Hot melt glue spray gun
7. In the whole process of continuous work, the time for the manual dispensing gun to stop working every time is usually no more than 5 minutes, otherwise, the glue should be sealed until the glue is discharged.
8. The hydraulic rubber hose shall not be forced to be extruded and bent to avoid endangering the normal operation of the manual dispensing gun.
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