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How to use dispensing valve with automatic glue filling mach

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How to use dispensing valve with automatic glue filling machine
Dispensing valve is one of the special tools for automatic dispensing machine and glue filling machine. It is very important to select the right glue filling accessories, which can prevent the inconvenience of using liquid and paste glue.
Compound control rubber valve
Influence factors of working pressure and time on Viscose
1. Reduce the working gas pressure, and change the dispensing time of the glue filling machine or the size of the needle tube too small.
2. Pay attention to the influence of air pressure, glue delivery time range and needle tube size on the sealing glue during different working hours, which are all factors that affect the size of glue delivery. You can adjust these parameters to ensure whether the dispensing accuracy meets the standard as scheduled.
3. If the glue is too thick or thicker for glue application, such as paste and grease, a larger working pressure or a longer time for glue delivery, or a larger needle tube must be used.
Double acting thimble dispensing valve
4. Increase the working gas pressure, increase the glue delivery time of the glue filling machine or increase the size of the needle tube can increase the glue delivery of the sealing glue.
5. For thinner and thinner liquid, such as cyanoacrylate adhesive or paint thinner, the working pressure shall be reduced, the cutting time shall be cut, and the small rubber needle tube shall be used.
6. Large working pressure or reduction of time cycle time will accelerate the speed of glue filling machine and increase the production.
7. Reduce the working pressure, improve the glue time cycle, improve the time, and increase the glue quantity;
331 automatic glue filling and coating valve
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