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The method of improving dispensing accuracy and collocating

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From 46 ° to 90 ° is the best dispensing angle for the automatic dispensing machine. The needle cylinder should be placed vertically to prevent glue overflow.
When using the glue filling machine, let the needle tube and the product view within the above angle, step on the power switch, maintain the fixed position of the needle tube, carry out glue dispensing in a vertical position, and move the needle tube vertically upward, but it needs to set the working pressure and glue out time to ensure that the glue is uniform.
Automatic control dispensing valve
Use different glue types, and choose glue according to characteristics
Cyanoacrylate adhesive: pay attention to the actual operation. This is an acid glue, which can't touch the skin. Adjust the vacuum tube carefully, and don't let the cyanoacrylate adhesive overflow into the automatic dispensing machine. When changing the dispensing needle, use a safety clip at the hose joint to prevent leakage or foreign body feeling in the control board.
Anaerobic glue: the same as cyanoacrylate adhesive, it needs to use the dispensing valve made of characteristics, a kind of valve called anaerobic glue dispensing valve can be used for gluing.
Suction dispensing valve
Epoxy resin glue: select the general way, single component epoxy resin glue filling is relatively simple, when two-component epoxy resin glue filling machine, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are bubbles in the glue, and to carry out the steps of bubble discharge, otherwise the glue will easily lead to insufficient water, affecting the effect of glue application.
Automatic control dispensing machine
Solder wire and solder copper paste: the solder paste can be precisely operated for dispensing when the glue filling machine is used, and the tiny soldering fluid can be used for dispensing. It is highly recommended to use the capacity screw valve, which can precisely control dispensing. It is also assembled in the dispensing needle cylinder, but it is required to be extra careful whether there is gas in the valve.
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