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Characteristics and application of special spray dispensing

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The special spray dispensing valve for China made hot sol is mainly used for hot sol coating. Its working principle is to heat the solid hot sol into melting, touch the cold surface of the gas and fix it again. This is to complete the hot melt adhesive coating work. When applying hot-melt glue, it is necessary to understand and control various types and specifications of hot-melt glue and different technical parameters. Different types and specifications of hot-melt glue, such as hot-melt temperature, setting time, glue flow rate, etc., are different. It is necessary to apply glue within the opening time of hot-melt glue. In fact, the key to the difference between the special spray valve for hot-melt glue and the general dispensing valve is the electric heating installation. Set, effectively ensure the melting effect of hot melt adhesive and the smoothness of glue out.
Hot melt adhesive coating spray valve
Special configuration for thermosol
1. High speed 300 times / second
2. Adjustable barrel electric heating and nozzle electric heating
3. The heating temperature can reach 250 ℃.
4. It can be used in manual hot melt glue dispenser.
5. Non contact dispensing mode
Small hot melt glue scraper
Field of application
It is applicable to the use of solid hot-melt adhesive, and the glue coating technology required can be solved.
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