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Application of spray valve in electronic and communication i

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With the rapid development of high and new technology, many consumer electronic products are becoming smaller and smaller in size, responding quickly and having more functions of leisure and entertainment. Especially in the field of communication and electronic devices, the birth of these products brings new challenges to dispensing manufacturers, especially in the case of large-scale mass production, precision processing, high-speed operation of production line equipment seems to be crucial. Hydromechanical coating technology is the core technology in the electronic optical packaging. It can produce point, line, surface (coating) and various patterns, many of which are used in IC determination, package flip and IC coating.
Micrometer spray valve
The application of spray dispensing valve in electronic device packaging has a very important role. In the case of spray valve coating, the cycle time of the system is usually very short, just a few MS, and the precision of the hydromechanical coating is very high. It can consider some products that must have unique processing technology, while the traditional automatic dispensing machine is usually unable to consider the high-speed operation and high-precision provisions.
Spray coating dispensing valve
The dispensing valve is usually based on different basic principles, which can be roughly divided into capacitive grid and non capacitive grid. It is not point contact glue, that is to say, the jet valve, people's Jet dispensing valve, which belongs to the patented technology developed by our independent products. It uses air compression and voltage to promote two ways, high-speed impact jet basic principle, high toughness aluminum alloy impact parts, with Long service life and convenient maintenance. Suitable for a variety of jet hydrodynamics, such as: underfill rubber, UV resistant adhesive, silver paste, silicone rubber, epoxy resin adhesive, surface coating adhesive, surface patch adhesive, etc. Overcome the traditional capacity grid coating technology, the z-axis does not need lifting system.
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