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Selection principle of glue for automatic dispensing machine

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Selection principle of glue
1. Fluid
Single component glue is used for general fluid, double liquid glue is applied with double liquid dispensing machine, hot melt glue is applied with hot melt glue dispensing valve, shadowless glue is applied with specified syringe glue, viscosity and bulk density of glue, setting time of fluid, and the effect of fluid.
PVC adhesive
2. Gluing process
Generally, a half point glue machine (such as manual operation) is used for gluing, while a desktop integrated machine, three-axis machine, arc drawing machine and other machines with automatic technology are used for precise positioning and line drawing. I think the automatic technology function of glue is attributed to the accessory function. Although the glue is large in quantity, it has the function of controlling the fluid. Do not rely on the automation of the manipulator to maintain the precision of gluing. Each product The amount of glue applied.
Tabletop type 331 dispensing machine
3. Work efficiency and environment
The products are few and do not pursue perfect and high efficiency. The manual glue gun is used. In outdoor work, the glue gun is used to regulate the precise operation of the confrontation, the application of equipment, and the regulation of automatic technology coating, then the equipment with the function of automatic technology is used.
Micrometer precision dispensing valve
4. Cost
There are various gluing plans, not all gluing must be applied with equipment, not all automatic technology gluing must be added to glue, considering the cost, if a certain type of fluid must be used with equipment with too high price, it can be considered to dismantle and change the fluid, if the glue price of additional automatic technology is too high, it can be considered to move the goods rather than the gluing head 。
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