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Several optimal dispensing methods for precision dispensing

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In the actual application of the dispensing needle is of utmost importance to the dispensing machine, which can support a variety of different specifications of the dispensing needles, have a negligible impact on the use effect of dispensing needle work on the accuracy of the finished product, precision dispensing needle dispensing accessories dispensing machine is of high efficiency in common use, with the rapid development of manufacturing industry, dispensing technology technology is constantly upgrading, teach the user how to through the dispensing needle dispensing mode optimization here.
The user performs dispensing work will encounter problems, common problem is that the dispensing needle tip wear problems, if not timely treatment can easily cause the glue dispensing tip wear offset, finally affect the dispensing object docking and bonding effect, the defect rate increased substantially, by replacing the new dispensing needle can effectively solve the tip wear the problem of avoiding offset deviation dispensing path.
Glue drawing will also affect the precision dispensing work effect, the use of high viscosity glue dispensing, dispensing needles to point out due to tension caused by glue drawing, in addition to causing docking effect of variation will affect the finished object appearance, in order to avoid dispensing needle is affected, the normal working state of the best at work the handle of the glue, so the optimization of the dispensing work is very important.
There are a variety of dispensing needles, screw dispensing needle in the actual dispensing process plays a crucial role in the base, and the needle cylinder thread can effectively combine the long-term implementation of the dispensing work will not affect the overall effect, eliminate the needle off situation, make the work more stable and rapid dispensing.
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