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Recommend an automatic way for spot welding tin oil lubricat

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At present, the most used thing in the electronic industry is the circuit board. Now most of the factories are operating automation equipment. There are circuit boards in the automation equipment, so it is necessary to weld the circuit board on the parts of the machine. In order to increase the efficiency of welding, spot solder oil can be used.
Coating and dispensing of circuit board
Now the circuit board is a highly integrated part. If spot welding tin oil is needed, it can be directly installed in the liquid place of dispensing machine. Spot welding tin oil can be said to be simple, but it still needs high precision of dispensing machine. In order to achieve this effect, we need to use the automatic dispensing machine and dispensing needle cylinder together. In this way, the price is relatively low, and it can meet your requirements for spot welding tin oil.
Recycle type filling glue dispenser
The needles of dispensing machine are generally divided into two types, plastic and stainless steel. If you spot weld tin oil, you are recommended to use plastic needles, because if you use stainless steel, it is easy to have the problem that the needles are blocked and hard to clean.
For this matter, the essential thing is the dispensing machine. The production efficiency and quality of manual dispensing can not meet your expectations.
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