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A new way to seal CPU fan

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Now in the era of computer is very common, I believe that everyone is familiar with CPU. When the computer is running, CPU will emit a lot of heat, which can't be dissipated by itself, so it needs to use fans for heat dissipation. Each CPU fan sealing glue will make the service life of CPU longer, so it is necessary to use CPU fan sealing glue when making.
CPU fan sealing adhesive
Because the sealing oil of CPU fan is the common lubricating oil, which is a kind of liquid with low density, it is recommended to use the thimble type dispensing valve, because this dispensing valve is specially used for dispensing the fluid with low density. In addition, when dispensing, it must be set accurately, and do not point to the outside coil, because if you point to the coil, it will cause a short circuit of the product, and then cause unnecessary losses, which must be paid attention to when sealing the CPU fan.
Micrometer dispensing valve
After sealing the fan, you will find that its speed and stable point will increase, so that you can better heat the CPU of the computer. Remember that after sealing the CPU fan, you need to clean the fan to prevent the computer from being damaged due to the dispensing error after it is installed in the computer and started, resulting in unnecessary loss.
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