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What kind of glue valve is used for super high viscosity flu

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LED light fluorescent powder glue and vegetable oil high precision glue. LED light automatic glue dispenser is suitable for LED light fluorescent powder glue, ink glue, high precision glue according to the amount. It also meets all kinds of charging battery glue, lithium battery glue. Glue and ink can be spit out according to the amount. It is very suitable for some liquid glue application places where the viscosity will change greatly.
LED lamp coated with phosphor
Using principle
The screw pump works according to the basic principle of rotary gear capacity type. The key components of screw pump are axial force screw rod (motor rotor) and fixed shaft sleeve (motor stator). Because the unique geometry of the two components lead to independent sealing cavity. The material flow is carried out by radial symmetry. The internal water flow is low and the capacity remains unchanged. The working pressure of screw pump is stable, so it is not easy to cause vortex and agitation. Its bigger characteristic is that it has strong adaptability to substances, stable total flow, small working pressure pulsation and high natural suction working ability. It can not be replaced by all other pumps. The dispensing of LED fluorescent powder can meet the requirements of ultra-high viscosity, and it can also mix the glue products together.
Screw type dispensing valve
Characteristics of screw valve
1. Self sealing property is directly proportional to viscosity.
2. Working pressure range of measurement and verification 16-20 bar
3. Suitable for small cross-section needle nozzle
4. It has natural inspiratory effect (applicable to low viscosity substances)
5. For all mobile substances, it is not necessary to raise the working pressure equipment
6. The structural density is about 2 bar.
7. Accurate control according to the quantity
8. The output of liquid core is not affected by temperature, working pressure, viscosity and other factors. When the working pressure and viscosity of liquid are changed, the precision error value can still be ensured.
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