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Sizing and working pressure

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With the development trend of electronic device industry and the increasingly high quality requirements of manufacturers, the gluing machine has been widely used in production and manufacturing. However, the following problems usually arise in production and manufacturing, such as the size mismatch of viscose, wire drawing of metal, adhesive contamination of solder pad, poor dry solid compressive strength and easy chip dropping. Scientific research and development can be used to deal with these problems Dispensing equipment, all kinds of technical processing parameters, so as to find a way to deal with the problem. So how to deal with this problem in the manufacturing industry?
Specifically, the following content is used to deal with the problems of glue application.
331 stroke dispensing machine
Size of glue application amount
According to the work experience, the size of the glue diameter should be more than half of the pad spacing, and the glue diameter after the patch type should be 1.6 times of the glue diameter, so as to ensure that there is enough adhesive to bond the components and prevent too much adhesive from contaminating the pad. The amount of glue to be applied is determined by the length of the screw pump's rotation time, which should be based on the production and manufacturing conditions (indoor temperature, glue) Viscosity of the mixture, etc.) select the rotation time of the pump.
Double acting back suction control valve
Glue application working pressure (back pressure)
At present, one working pressure is used to ensure the supply and demand of sufficient adhesive to balance the screw pump. If the back pressure is too large, the glue will overflow and the glue will be too much. If the working pressure is too small, the glue will be applied intermittently and leak, which will lead to defects. The working pressure should be selected according to the adhesive of the same quality and the operating temperature in the work. The high operating temperature will reduce the viscosity and improve the fluidity of the adhesive. At this time, the back pressure should be reduced to ensure the balance of supply and demand of the adhesive, and vice versa.
Double station dispensing machine
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