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What's the difference between rubber storage pressure bucket

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Hello everyone! I'm Xiaobai. What kind of materials should I choose for the pressure tank? Now Xiaobai will explain the stainless steel pressure tank and water storage tank area separately.
At present, there are two kinds of pressure tanks popular in purified water market, each of which is dominated by stainless steel materials and plastic materials. Although some companies have new independent innovation achievements, such as stainless steel pressure tanks and plastic water storage tanks, they are all built on the basis of stainless steel and plastic materials, and the cost is expensive. If you choose stainless steel and plastic material buckets, which one is stronger?
Purified water storage tank
Characteristics of water storage tank
With the difference of beauty and generosity, there is no doubt that the shape and shape of the water storage tank are better than that of stainless steel, and it has more advantages in the relative composition of the materials. Moreover, the raw material is food grade plastic material, which is safe in production and environmental sanitation, and it is not easy to cause secondary environmental pollution when applied.
Water storage pressure tank
Features of stainless steel pressure barrel
In terms of applicability, stainless steel is more efficient than plastic water storage tank in terms of compressive strength, storage and drainage, with a large amount of water storage, a greater bearing capacity for pressure, and a faster pipeline output rate, which is of great help to the actual effect of water demand and purified water at ordinary times.
Both of them have defects. The plastic water storage tank can't bear the same capacity as the stainless steel pressure tank. Because it is made of plastic material and filled with ductility, in addition, the restriction on the internal standard air pressure will be significantly reduced. If the application time is too long, the standard air pressure in the tank will be reduced and the standard air pressure will flow out. Although the stainless steel pressure tank has advantages in compressive strength and storage, it will suffer from Limited by materials, in long-term application, there will be external touch, erosion, internal and external surface damage, rust falling, which can cause secondary environmental pollution of water resources.
Stainless steel rubber storage pressure barrel
The above is the difference between the pressure bucket and the water storage tank, because the materials used are different, so the effect will be different. If the glue is stored, the stainless steel pressure bucket is recommended.
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