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What are the pressure buckets we use?

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Introduction to types of pressure barrel
What is a pressure bucket? First, we distinguish from the use function, which can be divided into industrial level and food level pressure barrels;
Industrial grade: glue storage pressure tank, mainly used for spraying process. It is also called glue pressure tank because it is composed of air pressure valve, safety valve, air release valve, discharge port, inner bucket and four movable wheels.
Food grade: the pressure tank of water purifier is mainly used in the closed water circulation system, with the function of balancing water flow and working pressure, preventing the safety valve from opening frequently and the automatic water replenishing valve from replenishing water frequently.
Water storage type pressure barrel
Pneumatic mixing pressure tank
The pneumatic pump of the pneumatic mixing type pressure tank can automatically mix the glue in the tank, so that the glue in the tank can be kept in a uniform state. In the painting work, it is not easy to cause color deviation due to the deposition of the glue. This product is not limited to the storage of glue, other raw materials for painting can also be used. The pressure tank has a base, and the upper end of the base is the inner tank with a stainless steel plate at the bottom of the tank, which is used to store the glue in a removable way, Easy to clean.
Working principle
Generally, the pressure tank is also called the discharge bucket. Put glue or fluid into the pressure tank. According to the working pressure (connect a pressure regulating valve, operate the standard air pressure size conveniently, and ensure the stability of the standard air pressure), squeeze the glue in, and use other accessories to squeeze out the glue water in the rubber bucket.
Pneumatic pressure barrel combination
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