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What are the factors that can interfere with the gelatinizat

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The factors that affect the glue application effect generally follow the glue amount, glue application air pressure, needle tube specification, the distance between the needle and the product height, glue viscosity, glue temperature, solidification temperature curve, bubbles in the glue, which must be uniquely set in the fluid mechanics,
Small flexible needle
First of all, the amount of glue will affect the diameter of the glue. After testing, it should be half of the product interval, so as to ensure that there is enough strong glue to bond the parts and prevent excessive strong glue. The amount of glue depends on the length of time. In particular, the time of glue application should be selected according to the temperature and the characteristics of glue and water.
In the second level, the high pressure will easily lead to the overflow of the strong adhesive and the excessive amount of the adhesive; the small pressure will lead to the intermittent situation and leakage point of the adhesive, which may lead to the defect of the product. Therefore, it must be adjusted according to the key factors such as the working temperature and the viscosity of the adhesive.
Specification and size of stainless steel needle
Generally, the inner diameter of the dispensing needle should be 1 / 2 of the diameter of the gluing glue. During the whole gluing process, the dispensing needle should be selected according to the number of products.
Plastic steel profile dispensing needle
All of the above are factors that interfere with the gelatinization effect. We hope that we can understand these factors when using the dispensing equipment, which is of great help to the production.
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