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Why can the pressure barrel ensure stable and continuous cha

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The technology of dispenser is more and more mature, which makes the use of dispenser more and more. Many products need to use dispenser to complete dispensing. An important part of dispenser is pressure barrel, which is mainly used to store glue and ensure glue dispensing under the most suitable dispensing state. Most pressure barrels now are used The pneumatic method is used to make glue dispensing. How is the pressure bucket charged?
Multi specification stainless steel pressure barrel
It can be connected to a common semi-automatic dispenser for operation, or to a large dispenser for operation. The method of pressure barrel charging is mainly controlled by a pressure controller. One hole of the pressure barrel is connected to the charging air source, and then another section is connected to the dispensing valve of the dispenser. The air source is used to charge the pressure barrel, and then the air pressure reaches the appropriate value The glue will be pushed to the dispensing valve by air pressure, and then the controller of the dispensing valve will control the dispensing valve for dispensing, so as to ensure the dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality of the dispensing machine.
Air pressure control pressure barrel
The above is the way to ensure that the pressure of the pressure barrel is constantly stable. Do you understand
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