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The filling seal of resistor is closely related to the preci

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Nowadays, there are more and more electrical appliances. There is one thing in every electrical appliance, that is, the circuit board has resistors. Its purpose is to change the common alternating current at home into the current that can be used on the circuit board. All circuit boards have resistors. However, because the resistors on the circuit board are very small, only high-precision dispenser can be used for resistors Seal up.
Thermistor dispensing
The function of resistance is to depressurize the common 220V alternating current and then make the current available on the circuit board. When depressurizing, it will emit heat. Because the circuit board is small in nature, a small resistance on the circuit board can imagine how small it is, so it needs to use a high-precision dispenser when sealing the resistor, so that the dispensing can be guaranteed Quality, otherwise the dispensing quality may be reduced, resulting in losses, so the resistor sealing must use high-precision dispensing machine for operation.
Small bench dispensing machine
After using the high-precision dispenser, we need to clean it. When cleaning, we need to disassemble the dispensing valve and clean the remaining glue in the dispensing valve. Otherwise, it is easy for the glue to dry and block.
The above is the reason why high precision dispenser must be used for resistor sealing.
2121 control type dispensing valve
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