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Strict implementation of cleaning is the premise of stable u

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Now many customers ask me whether it is important to clean the rubber valve? The answer to this question is sure to be known by all of us. Yes, it is certain to this question. It is necessary to clean the rubber valve.
Large flow silicone coating dispensing valve
What happens if you don't clean up after ordering? Let me show you something.
Double liquid control dispensing valve
In the first case, if you don't clean the glue valve, you will leave the glue valve there, and then what happens when the glue cools down? I don't believe that everyone will know. The glue will surely solidify when it cools. Do you think your glue valve can still be used for dispensing after solidifying? The answer is obvious.
The second situation is to clean the glue valve but not clean it. Then you replace it with a new glue for dispensing. If two kinds of glue react with each other and damage the glue valve directly, the loss will be greater. If they don't appear, it will be OK. But if they don't, they are not afraid to be in case. What if they do? So we must clean the rubber valve and clean it.
Cleaning colloidal acetone solution
In fact, when we clean up, some people who come into contact with glue need to be cleaned frequently. For example, pressure barrel, dispensing valve and dispensing needle need to be cleaned. But for those who are not easy to remove or touch glue, such as microcomputer, they can be cleaned at intervals.
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