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What is the easy way to solve the problem of silica gel plug

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I'm sure you are familiar with silica gel. Generally, silica gel is relatively sticky, so it is easy to block the dispensing needle. If the dispensing volume is increased, the dispensing effect will not meet the requirements of customers, and the dispensing quality will be reduced. So why is silica gel blocked? What is the solution?
Double acting back suction dispensing valve
To know these two problems, we must first understand the structure of the dispensing valve, so that it is easier to find the cause of the problem.
In the process of dispensing, when silica gel blocks the dispensing valve or needle, we should check whether the connection of dispensing accessories is tightened. In addition, we should also check whether some accessories of dispensing machine are damaged due to long-term operation, which will cause blocking of dispensing valve. In addition, the quality of silica gel is not up to standard, which will also cause blocking of needle and hair In the process of dispensing, if there are bubbles in the glue, silica gel will also be blocked, which will lead to uneven dispensing, drawing, dropping and other situations, and greatly reduce the production efficiency.
Built in rubber diaphragm
The above is a brief introduction of how to solve the problem after silica gel blockage appears. Do you understand?
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